Tryout dates: April 22, 2011 - 6 p.m.-9 p.m. and April 23, 2011 - 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
Location of tryout: Millett Hall sub-gymnasium


Required paperwork:
• Current physical evaluation
• Proof of acceptance to Miami University
• Waiver signed by parent if under the age of 18 (available on cheerleading homepage)
• $25 tryout fee (includes t-shirt)
• 5 x 7 headshot photo of tryout candidate

Required G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher for current Miami students



Day 1:

• Time allotted for open tumbling
• Time allotted for open stunting
• Learn a variety of chants
• Learn the Miami fight song with motions
• Interview

Day 2:

• Perform chants and fight song in group
• Stunting evaluation
• Individual tumbling evaluation

It is recommended that the tryout participant learn the words to the fight song prior to tryouts.
Words can be found here.

Tryout participants will also be judged based on an interview conducted by the coaching staff. Ability to lead a crowd and presence when cheering will also be strongly considered.

Lunch will be provided Saturday at a nearby dining hall. Water fountains are available in the sub-gymnasium. It is recommended that participants bring their own water and snacks as well.

*Squads will be posted Monday, April 25 on the Miami cheerleading website.
If chosen for either of the squads, you will be contacted about further details.


Recommended apparel

• Basic red, white, or black combinations of shorts/spandex and tops
• Miami logo or no logo
• Red, white, or black sports bras (females)
• Hair half up or in a pony tail with bow (females)

**Females should wear either a sports bra or fitted tank top. No loose fitting t-shirts!

Appearance should always be neat and collegiate

**Remember: Cheerleaders are above all performers. You need to look crowd-ready.



The higher the difficulty of the skill successfully performed, the more points the tryout participant will earn. The following skill categories should be used as guidelines.


*A backhand spring is required to tryout

Elite Skills: • Standing tuck
• Round-off backhand spring full
• Round-off full
Advanced skills: • Standing backhand spring back tuck
• Round-off backhand spring layout
• Round-off backhand spring tuck
• Round-off multiple backhand spring
Basic skills: • Standing backhand spring
• Round-off backhand spring



Elite Skills: • Toss stretch, arabesque, cupie
• Scorpion
• Bow and arrow
• Double downs
• Full up
Advanced skills: • Toss liberty, extension
• Hand heel stretch, arabesque, cupie
• Full downs
• Walk-in stunts
Basic skills: • Hands
• Hands extension, liberty
• Shoulders
• Chair



Elite Skills: • Heel stretch, arabesque, cupie
• 360
• Full up
• Double downs
• Scorpion
• Bow and arrow
Advanced skills: • Liberty
• Full downs
Basic skills: • Hands
• Extension

Note: Stunting experience is highly recommended. If the tryout participant's high school did not teach stunting, it is advisable that the individual seek stunting lessons prior to tryouts.

Tryout participants will have to work with stunt partners and who he/she works best with for the formal tryout on Saturday.

High value is placed on those tryout participants in all-girl stunting who are versatile (capable of both basing and flying skills)


Time Commitment

• Weekly practices
• Tumbling practices
• Strength training workouts
• Football and Basketball games (see specific squad info below)

Miami cheerleaders are expected to participate in appearances, campus events, and volunteer opportunities throughout the year as communicated by the coach and/or team captains. These appearances will be announced by the coaching staff as they present themselves.

Also, co-ed team members are required to cheer at all tournaments, including the MAC Basketball Tournament over Spring Break 2012.

The co-ed team cheers at all home and away football games and home men's basketball games. The co-ed team also travels to post-season games and tournaments.

The all-girl team cheers at all home football games and all home women's basketball games.


Recruitment Visits

If interested in observing the current Miami cheerleading teams at a home basketball game or at a practice, please send an email to: Miamicheerleading@gmail.com

• The football schedule can be found here.
• The men's basketball schedule can be found here.
• The women's basketball schedule can be found here.


Pre-try out

Please send an email to Miamicheerleading@gmail.com no later than the week prior to tryouts with the following information:

• Name
• T-shirt size
• Tryout conflicts (if any)

Tryout conflicts

Actual presence at the tryout is recommended and highly advisable. If a date conflict with the tryout times arises, the participant should notify Miami cheerleading at MiamiCheerleading@gmail.com and send in a replacement video.

****If sending a video, all skills outlined in the tryout information on this website should be demonstrated. Failing to demonstrate stunting, tumbling, dancing and game cheering skills may result in your video not being considered.

***All videos should be POSTMARKED by April 8, 2011 and set to:

RE: Cindi Byrge

Millett Hall

500 E. Sycamore

Miami University

Oxford, Ohio 45056


To view this information in a PDF, click here.