April 1, 2011

This weekend, Miami University head men’s basketball coach Charlie Coles joins several other coaching luminaries as a Guardian of the Game, which is presented by the National Association of Basketball Coaches. Coles will be presented with the NABC Guardians of the Game Pillar Award for Education presented by The Hartford during Sunday’s Guardians of the Game Awards Show, which is part of the NABC Convention held in conjunction with the Final Four in Houston.

Guardians of the Game is a national awareness and education program led by the NABC. The goal of the program is to focus attention on the positive aspects of basketball and the role coaches play in the lives of student-athletes, in addition to the contributions coaches make to their communities. The Guardians Awards recognize NABC coaches who exemplify one of the four Guardians of the Game core values: Advocacy, Leadership, Service and Education.

Coles, a long time educator and student of the game, was nominated and selected for the Education pillar which is presented to NABC coaches who are committed to continuing education and the development of their profession in order to be better mentors, teachers, and leaders. The Education award goes to a coach dedicated to their own professional development, as well as that of their colleagues. Whether it is through continuing education programs and seminars, or teaching at various NABC events, the Education statuette rewards the coach that best mentors, teaches, and perpetuates the doctrine of the game.

Thought to be the only Division I Coach who continues to teach a class, Coles annually conducts a basketball coaching theory class at Miami University. In addition to continually tying to better himself though attending other collegiate practices and watching hours of film in the off-season to study other what other successful programs are doing on the court, Coles further embodies the Education pillar with his team.

Annually, the RedHawks have an assigned book to read, which is often referred to throughout the season, with discussion relating certain passages and chapters to the team. A few past reading selections have included the QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, which talks about personal accountability; Values of the Game by Bill Bradley; Peaks and Valleys: Making Good and Bad Times Work for You--At Work and In Life.

He also has worked in the community in various capacities. This year, he coached his granddaughter’s flag football team (ages 9-12) and has assisted with her basketball practices during her 3rd and 4th grade years. Coles has participated in several youth activities at his church and also with the local elementary schools during units on eating healthy and staying active.

Coles, who is Miami’s all-time winningest coach and owns the most conference wins of any Mid-American Conference coach, has been the head coach at Miami for 15 seasons and a head coach in the MAC for 21 seasons.

Guardians of the Game - The Guardians of the Game program emphasizes four core values:

Advocacy - NABC coaches are advocates for the game of basketball, student-athletes, and coaches, providing leadership and guidance on issues affecting the basketball community.

Leadership - NABC coaches provide moral and ethical leadership on issues affecting the game of basketball and society.

Service - NABC coaches serve as community leaders who help enhance their communities through civic involvement.

Education - NABC coaches are committed to continuing education and the development of their profession in order to be better mentors, teachers, and leaders.

2002 John Wooden, UCLA
2003 Robert Murrey, USA Coaches Clinics
2004 Kevin McCarthy, State University of New York-Cobleskill
2005 Herb Magee, Philadelphia University
2006 Jim Burson, NABC President
2007 Gary Smith, University of Redlands
2008 Steve Moore, College of Wooster (presented by The Hartford)
2009 Claudie Mackey, Elizabeth City State University (presented by The Hartford)
2010 Paul Hewitt, Georgia Tech (presented by The Hartford)

2002 Ed Bilik, Springfield
2003 Jerry Krause, Gonzaga
2004 Don Showalter, Mid-Prairie High School
2005 Chris Mowry, Santa Fe CC
2006 Bill Leatherman, Bridgewater College
2007 Jud Heathcote, Michigan State University
2008 Pete Smith, Guerin Catholic HS - Noblesville, IN (Presented by DiGiorno)
2009 Mike Turner, Albion College
2010 Mac Petty, Wabash College (presented by SofSole)

2002 Dave Gavitt, Providence/Big East
2003 Lonnie Porter, Regis University
2004 Eddie Sutton, Oklahoma State
2005 Harry Statham, McKendree College
2006 Russell F. Booth, Glenwood City High School
2007 Steve Bankson, Baldwin-Wallace College
2008 C. Alan Rowe, Widener University
2009 George Blaney, University of Connecticut
2010 Bob Burchard, Columbia College (Presented by Papa John's)

2002 Ron Naclerio, Cardozo H.S. (N.Y.)
2003 Hal Smith, Malone College
2004 Bo Ryan, Wisconsin-Madison
2005 Bill Van Gundy, Genesee CC
2006 Jim Kessler, Grace College
2007 Richard Reed, Sacramento State University
2008 Dave Rose, Brigham Young University
2009 Ron Hunter, IUPUI
2010 Jim Satalin, Coaches vs. Cancer