Miami Quotes vs. Ohio


Head Coach Don Treadwell

Overall thoughts on the victory:

Obviously, it was a big win for our program. We anticipated this type of a game from the days when many of us on staff were former players here. These are the kinds of games we remember. Certainly even last year playing at OU, it was one of those kinds of games that was a tough hard-fought game.

I think one of the focuses for us going into this game was for us to establish a little bit more momentum in the second half. I think we were able to do that at times. I'm sure as we reflect and look at ourselves as always on tape, we'll see a few more things that we'll be able to comment on next week.

On whether or not he was surprised that Ohio decided to run a play rather than kick a field goal with nine seconds remaining in the game:

Well you never know. It's so much excitement in a game and in finishing and drawing to a rapid close like that. The advantage that we had was that they were out of timeouts. Sometimes if you have a timeout, in that situation, you can think about things, take a deep breath and figure out what you really want to do. But at that point they didn't have any left.

Junior Defensive Lineman Wes Williams

How it felt getting the final sack to clinch the Miami win.

I just had one thought on my head. I'm gonna go get him, and I ended up getting him.

On what was going through his mind:

Before the play, I looked up at the clock and saw that they didn't have any timeouts left and I was like, yo Jay (defensive coordinator Jay Peterson) if we get a sack here it's game over. We were just doing everything we could to get to him.

Senior Quarterback Zac Dysert

Overall thoughts on the game:

It was a fun game. Awesome game to be a part of. Our O-line played awesome. Our run game worked. Right now, I just can't say enough about my guys. I'm so proud of them. The strides we've made, the struggles we've been through and how we fought through them.

Freshman Kicker Kaleb Patterson

On what was going through his head during his game-winning 31-yard field goal

Just kick it down the uprights. Do what I do.

On handling the tough position he has while being just a freshman

I just stay focused every day and work hard. Hit your spot, that's all you've got to do.