Head Coach Don Treadwell

"I am certainly very proud of the young men in terms of their effort. I think one thing our team is continuing to grow with expectations. You certainly want to play well when you're at home. It was nice that it happened to be homecoming again on top of everything. We have a good senior class and that's what is showing right now. We have excellent leadership across the border. Some of our seniors aren't even in the two deep, but they're still providing leadership within the senior class. Within the big picture, I'm very pleased with our attitude and our effort."

"In the MAC, the margin of error from top to bottom is very small. On any given day I just feel very strongly about our conference and how strong it is from top to bottom. You have to earn every victory is what I'm simply saying. There are no gimmes. Defensively I think our guys continued to do a good job of bending and not breaking. There are things at times when teams run the ball a little here or there but at the end of the day, the last time I checked when you're in the redzone if you're keeping them from scoring and you're offense is scoring you give your team a good chance to do well overall."On UMass being better overall than their record indicates


"It was no surprise how physical they were. I told everybody all along how big they were. I don't know if you were on the field to stand next to their tackles. We don't have anybody even close to their two tackles and right guard. They looked like NFL prospects out there. You saw (Michael Cox). Shoot, it took about five of us at one time often just to bring him down. They have a team that plays very hard and physical and we respect that."

On Dysert's success running the football (12 carries for 76 yards)

"Those (plays) are just attributed Coach Klacik and the offensive staff who throughout the week put the gameplan together. That wasn't anything unique we didn't anticipate. We were just gonna see how often they were gonna give it to us. That goes to the offensive staff number one and the players who executed on gameday."

On the offense relying slightly more than usual on the rush game

"I think anytime you can present an offense that has the threat of running and throwing, you certainly have the opportunity to be productive because they can't just load the box against your pass or vice-versa. Most teams are going to try to be balanced but it was nice to see that played out today on our side of the ball."

On the on-side kick to start the second half

"We did [surprise UMass]. If Burris just catches the ball instead of trying to bat it in, bless his heart. He's right there. I think he just lost his bearings of where he was in that situation. I think that was just great sight by the coaches in the box, Matt Edwards, our special teams coach had talked about it and we wanted to give it a shot to create a little bit more momentum."

Junior Defensive End Wes Williams

On how tough it was to contain UMass running back Michael Cox

"He's a very good running back and we knew that coming into the game. He runs hard and he runs with his pads down and he gave us a little bit of a hard time today. It's something we've got to work at.
On allowing 471 yards of offense
"That definitely concerns us. Again, we've got great coaches and great players so I'm sure it's something that we're gonna get fixed. It's always nice to get a win, but obviously there's always room for improvement.

Junior Linebacker Chris Wade

On UMass improving game by game and whether he noticed that improvement during the game

"I think they're a very good team. The teams they played in the first three games were really big teams. When you play teams like that you can learn a lot from watching the tape. All you can do is improve from there. When we played Ohio State and Boise, those games were good tests for us to let us know what we can and can't improve upon."

On his double-digit day tackle day (11 tackles)

"My confidence is through the roof right now. It's basically trusting what the coaches say and trusting myself and not second-guessing myself. That way I can just easily run my gap, do what I have to do, and make the plays after that."

On the upcoming game against Akron and how the defense can improve

"Defensively, I feel we've had a good start. We're really improving. As far as what we need to work on, it's really hard to say. Just staying disciplined I guess would be the best."

Senior Quarterback Zac Dysert

On his 76 yards net rushing and whether he would be channeling RGIII by the end of the year

"[Laughing] No, I doubt it. We gameplanned for that and we got what we wanted from it. We kept coming back to it because they didn't make any adjustments to stop it. The O-Line did a great job of blocking those guys and I just tried to pick up as many yards as I could.

On how an effective run game improves the offense as a whole

"It was a big part. When you get the run going it just opens up the pass too. We've been a predominantly throwing team so the run game is only going to get better for us."

Whether UMass was better than the RedHawks expected

"They played three good teams in their first three games. We knew the scores didn't indicate how good they really were. We knew they were gonna be a lot better than that. They played hard. You gotta give them credit.

On passing Ben Roethlisberger for the most all-time completions as a Miami football QB

"I did not know that. Like you said, he did it with two years less time than I did. You gotta just put that in the back of your head and keep going out there and working hard every week. Just take it one day at a time, one day at a time."

Sophomore Wide Receiver Dawan Scott

On the first touchdown catch

"It was route that I had to beat the defender. I trusted (Zac) to throw the ball up there and I got there and scored."



Head Coach Charley Molnar

on the game

"Obviously, we're disappointed on the outcome of the game. We had opportunities to stay in the game throughout but didn't finish the deal a number of times. We moved the ball with confidence somewhat effectively. We had our stutters and what not but we were still able to get the ball down close to them; we just couldn't finish it for whatever reasons -- could be play calling, could be somebody just broke down along the way.

"We just couldn't score. We had one touchdown they said was offensive pass interference so we'll have to look at that. You know it was just disappointing. Defensively, we started off and applied good pressure on their quarterback. It was very good against the run, then as the game went on we lost two defenders at the same position back-to-back when Mike Lee came out of the game, then D.J. Adeoba who had a knee injury. Mike eventually went back in the game, but I think at that time we got thrown off just a little bit. We got out of sync and I'm not sure we never quite got back to where we were prior to Mike coming out of the game."

on Miami quarterback Zac Dysert

"I've watched this guy (Dysert) since he was a junior in high school so I know he can make something happen with his feet. I've been saying it all week, telling our players, telling our coaches, telling anybody who would listen the guy can hurt you -- not only with his arm but with his feet. All those reps and all those games he's played in, he's so confident and never took a hard hit. He got as much as he could on the first down, took a slide and never really accumulated a lot of pounding."