Don Treadwell, Miami head coach

On the dropped passes
"You may have to ask our players about it. It will be interesting to find out if it was the environment, being humid and hot, or if it was just about the first game of the season."

On Miami senior quarterback Zac Dysert
"He's got some great internal qualities and intangibles. He's one of those quarterbacks. He's got a great demeanor. He seems comfortable and has more latitude."

On Ohio State
"They're a very good team and there are a lot of good teams in the Big Ten. They have a lot of depth, and that's what you're trying to build in a program. They're a very good team and you saw a lot of that out on the field today."

Zac Dysert, senior quarterback

On playing Ohio State
"It is just something we have to learn from. The offensive line did a great job today and really stepped up. Hats off to Ohio State. Today they were the better team."

On Miami's first quarter
"We should have scored more and earlier, but unfortunately it just didn't happen." 

Jaytee Swanson, senior linebacker

On the atmosphere and conditions of the game
"I don't really think it was the weather, the conditions or the crowd size. It just did not happen for us today. We have all played in big game atmospheres before." 

On Ohio State sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller
"He is a really good athlete. He is a great runner, a great thrower and a good leader. He had great plays and cuts, which are to be expected from a great quarterback. And while we respect him, we have to do our job and try to stop him."