Aug. 12, 2011

Photo Gallery of first day in Greece

Video Journal from Erica Almady

A news article on Turkish National Federation site about Miami's game in Turkey (in Turkish) .

ATHENS, GREECE - The Miami women's basketball team moved on to Athens Friday to begin the second leg of its Turkey and Greece tour. It was an early day as the RedHawks had to catch an 8:05 flight from Istanbul to Athens via Turkish Airlines. The day was spent touring the downtown shopping area of the city and getting oriented. The team then got a chance to rest up and go swimming in the evening. For today's player perspective on the day's events, here is sophomore forward Erica Almady.

Dear Journal,

Today is our first day in Greece! We had to wake up extremely early for the plane ride from Istanbul but we are all tremendously excited to be here. As soon as we got off the plane we had a short bus tour of Athens; the scenery is nothing like I have ever seen before! We rode along the shoreline of the Aegean Sea and the water is so unbelievably blue. The water is not the only beautiful thing we have seen here in Greece so far; the mountains and islands seem very cool too. Luckily, we get to travel to three Greek Islands tomorrow on our all-day cruise through the Aegean Sea.

Along with our bus tour that we took today we got dropped off at the Monastiraki Square where there were a whole bunch of little shops filled with souvenirs and well-made items to buy! Of course, even though all of us have been dead from the early morning wake up, we could not pass up shopping! I know I enjoyed the time we spent at the square; a completely different experience than going to a mall or a shopping center in the United States.  However, unlike in Turkey, we were not able to bargain or get the sellers to lower their prices as much; we were all kind of bummed about that.  Even though the Monastiraki Square was full of people, it was really easy going and slower paced that I had expected it to be. It was almost relaxing walking up and down the strips of stores; I did not feel like I was being rushed by anyone. So far I really like the Greek way of doing things. Hopefully it keeps up!

Another cool part about this trip is that not only do we get to play three games against international teams and get the practice in that we would not be able to get if we were still in the United States, but we also are able to bond with one another. We have had the chance to learn some new things that we never have known before about certain teammates which is extremely important in building a strong team chemistry on and off the court. For instance, since we checked in to a new hotel today here in Athens, our coaches switched up who we were rooming with just so we can have different bonding times with different teammates! And tonight we have a team meeting with all the coaches discussing a book that we have all been reading called, 17 qualities of a Team Player. The chapters we will be reviewing tonight are over being competent, dependable, and disciplined. When we have these small meetings to reflect on what we have read it is very interesting to see everyone's point of views on what they thought was the most important in the assigned chapters. We all know that it is important to be respectful and open to our teammate's ideas in order for us to be successful and by reading this book and talking about it with one another definitely helps our team prepare for a successful season. I've already enjoyed experiencing a once in a lifetime experience with my teammates.


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