Aug. 14, 2011

Photo Gallery of Day Seven

Courtney Osborn video journal

CORINTH, Greece - On Day 7 of its historic trip to Turkey and Greece, the Miami women's basketball team spent the day in Corinth, Greece seeing the famous Corinth Canal and touring the ruins of the ancient city. Afterwards, the RedHawks spent their evening in downtown Athens working on a scavenger hunt that helped them further bond as a team. Here is junior point guard Courtney Osborn's account of the day.

Dear Journal,

Here are the top five Highlights of our day in Corinth and evening in Athens:

5.) The Connections to the U.S.

Our Corinth ruins tour guide, Fae, has been working as a tour guide for 48 years, but actually graduated from and teaches etymology at the University of Minnesota during the winter session. She also informed us that the Corinth ruins have been primarily excavated by Americans. The initiative to uncover the ancient city is led by the University of Chicago and the University of Minnesota programs.

4.) Lunch on the Canal

We stopped by the Canal for lunch and it was quite an experience. Being a seafood lover, I ordered the seafood plate, and what I got was a first. I had whole little fish, shrimp, fried squid, and some tentacle looking items from some unknown underwater creature. Naturally, whole creatures on my plate made me a little apprehensive, but after peeling skins and removing spines, it turned out to be a pretty good lunch.

3.) Scavenger Hunt through the Streets of Athens

Our Basketball Travelers guide Zach put together a list of 17 tasks to do within the city of Athens. Our adventure included interacting with the Greeks, learning Greek words from store owners, trying traditional Greek coffee and gelato, and my personal favorite, singing the Miami fight song in the metro square. The coaching staff split us into groups to compete, but we decided to do the hunt as a team so we all won the grand prize of a water excursion (we don't quite know what that entails yet) at our next hotel.

2.) Corinth Canal Boat Tour

The Corinth Canal is one of the most famous canals in the world being 4 miles long, 450 feet high and 250 feet deep. The Canal connects the Aegean and Ionian Seas and, like the other seas of Greece, the water was perfectly blue. The boat ride through the canal provided breathtaking views and great picture opportunities. We saw a variety of boats going through the canal, ranging from the standard speed boat, to yachts, and a cargo ship being towed by a tug boat.  

1.) Visiting the Ancient Corinth Ruins

This was an unbelievable tour with our guide Fae. We saw the ruins of the marketplace, the political building, Greek and Roman statues, and the Temple of Apollo. Fae flooded our brains with information. To know that some of these structures and artifacts were made and used before writing was even invented is an experience that I will never forget.


We would like to thank the Miami Women's Basketball Alumni Board, Kim Tullis, Sarah Hull, Paula Lohnes, Dona Layman, Carol Smith, Mary Ann Myers and Lisa Kovack for sponsoring today's meals and for all of their support.