Aug. 13, 2011

Photo Gallery of Greek Island Cruise

Video Journal from Hannah Robertson

ATHENS, Greece – It was an amazing day of beautiful scenery Saturday during the Miami women’s basketball team’s tour of Turkey and Greece. The RedHawks went on an all day cruise, stopping to visit three Greek islands. The Red and White had all sorts of unique adventures on the day, sophomore guard Hannah Robertson handles today’s journal to tell fans all about it.

Dear Journal,

I just got back to my room from our second day in Greece, and all I can say is ‘Wow.’ The scenery could not be more beautiful or perfect.  Even the brochures, post cards and the hundreds of pictures we all took will not do it justice. Our schedule for today included an early breakfast at the hotel, starting at 6:45 AM and after a 12 hour long cruise ride, we ended with our team dinner at a restaurant near our hotel around 8:00 PM.  Even though we put in some long hours today, I’d have to say today was my favorite day of the whole trip.

We got onto our boat this morning early, and throughout our voyage we cruised through the water for a few hours and stopped at three different Greek islands; Hydra, Poros, and Aegina. I can not say enough about how beautiful the scenery was at all three islands, with the crystal clear blue water, and white houses with clay roofs dispersed throughout the mountain.

Our first stop was at Hydra where most of our group participated in cliff jumping and swimming in the ocean. Jumping off the cliff was a great experience for some of us to conqueror our fear of heights together and finally get in the water that looked so perfect! Hydra is also unique because it is the only island out of the three where they use mules to travel rather than motorized vehicles so we got to see lots of donkeys walking around all over. 


After getting back on the boat and everyone laying out in the sun for a while, we made our next stop on the island of Poros where we all did some shopping and climbed up many flights of steps to a famous bell tower at the top of the island to take a team picture. The scenery up there was breathtaking with boats coming in and out of the port, mountains all on the horizon, and blue water for miles. We eventually left and made it to our last island which was the island of Aegina.

This island was famous for its pistachios, which many of us purchased, and it also had a sand beach where a few of us went swimming again. Finally it was time to board the boat one last time and come back to Athens.

This time though, we had entertainment in the lower level of the boat. There were traditional Greek dances performed and entertainers as well as singers. They even got our whole team to come out and participate in the dancing.  At one point we all were holding hands running around the boat yelling Greek words which we really did not know the meaning to.

Overall, today was packed full of so many exciting events I could barely fit into one journal entry, and I loved all of it. I am having so much fun on our trip here in Greece and can not wait to see what tomorrow brings!


We would like to thank the Ed and Susan Ochs for sponsoring today’s meals and all of their support.