Aug. 7, 2011

Photo Gallery of Car Wash and Final Practice

Interview with Maggie Boyer and highlights of car wash

Dear Journal,

As we are getting closer to leaving for our trip, we held a cookout for the team and those who provided the most financial support for our foreign tour on Friday night. After a little conversation throughout the meal, those who donated were able to ask us some questions they had for the players. We also did some fundraising of our own by putting together and running a car wash moving our teamwork from on the court to on the concrete. It was a very successful carwash; we had a steady flow of cars throughout the whole day! Our arms are a little sore from scrubbing, but it was well worth it, and we actually had some fun!

We all understand what an exciting opportunity it is for us to be able to go to Greece and Turkey. And, with just one day until we are on our way we are all getting very anxious and excited, and of course finishing our packing.

This experience has been a success so far, already holding some of the best practices during this week that I have been a part of here at Miami. We are making steps! Next step...Istanbul!


OXFORD, Ohio - Those are the words of senior guard Maggie Boyer, one day before the Miami women's basketball team leaves for its historic trip to Turkey and Greece. The RedHawks completed their final practice on Sunday and will leave in the morning for the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport and a two-flight, 16-hour journey to Istanbul, Turkey.

As Boyer mentioned, the RedHawks hosted a cookout on Friday to thank some of the generous donors who have made this trip possible. On Saturday, the team spent six hours washing cars as a final fundraiser. A photo gallery of the car wash, along with the pictures from the final practice can be seen above.

This is the final pre-trip journal entry. The next report will come Tuesday evening from Istanbul when Haley Robertson reports on the flight over and the first day of activities from Turkey. There will then be daily updates, the rest of the trip, with photo galleries, videos and journals from other members of the team.