Aug. 9, 2011

Photo Gallery of Days 1 and 2 of trıp

Vıdeo from Haley Robertson

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - After 14 hours of flyıng, lıttle sleep and a full day of tourıng, the women's basketball team's hıstorıc trıp to Turkey and Greece ıs through two days. Today, sophomore guard Haley Robertson provıdes fans wıth a journal update on the adventure.

Dear Journal,

After taking pictures in front of Millett to capture the moment, we set out on our big adventure to Istanbul and Athens around Monday 8:00 AM. Our first stop was driving to the Cincinnati airport where we would then depart for New York. After arriving in New York around 1:00 PM, we all ate lunch and took the long walk that seemed like it would never end to our departing gate where we waited a couple of hours for our plane to leave. Finally around 5:00 PM our plane took off and we were on our way out of the U.S.!

Two airplane meals and a couple of movies later (about 10 hours) we were finally in Istanbul around 3:00 AM Ohio time and 10:00 AM here in Istanbul. The first educational moment was experiencing the whole passport scene since many of us have never been out of the country before. Everyone received their Turkish temporary Visa without a problem and we headed to baggage claim. There was no time to rest however because we immediately met our tour guides and we were off a bus tour right away.

After experiencing some authentic Turkish sandwiches we toured the beautiful Hagia Sophia Museum where we took lots of pictures and also was able to spend time inside of the Blue Mosque, where we all had to wear wraps to cover our legs and shoulders, which is a sign of modestly and respect in the Muslim religion. Finally we checked into our hotel and went back out to discover more markets and shops with our tour guide as well as get some dinner.

It's the end of the day, we are all exhausted and looking forward to spending the evening relaxing in our beds and enjoying our great views of the city we have from our hotel rooms; it will be another eventful day tomorrow! I am already so grateful for the experience, and I am looking forward to what is to come.


We would like to thank Austin and Lois Gleason for their financial donations and all of their support.