March 10, 2011

Are you strong enough to complete "The Chin-Up Challenge"?

When Miami RedHawks beat Kent State men's basketball team 86-80 in overtime on Feb. 16, but they weren't the only winners. Josh Price won the grand prize in the "Chin-Up Challenge presented by the United States Marines."

Price, a junior at Miami and the President of Chi Psi Fraternity, completed an amazing 22 chin-ups under the watchful eye of the servicemen and women who also attended the game. Many small prizes such as Miami water bottles, T-shirts, iPod cases and lanyards are handed out to those who attempted. However, during the second half, Josh was presented an engraved glass trophy handed out by Captain Eric Spitznogle of the U.S. Marines.

No longer is the competitive atmosphere at Miami Basketball games only on the court, but it is present on the sidelines as well. "The Chin-Up Challenge presented by the United States Marines," is an interactive event that fans look foreword to twice a season and watch their friends partake, to see who can beat the record. Various students and faculty stop by the booth to participate in the challenge and watching it can be just as entertaining!

Disappointed you didn't make the cut? Look for it next year at Miami sporting events by coming out and supporting the RedHawks!