Baseball is back on their home field again this weekend so it is time to get to know a few more of the players a little bit better. In the spotlight today are freshmen Brian Ghiselli and Shane Kriss, sophomores Ryan Elble and Scott Slappey, juniors Dan Walsh and Charles Zubrod and seniors Brandon Adkins and Nate Bowles.

When asked what his favorite game day meal was, Slappey and Adkins both listed pasta, Kriss prefers Chipotle and Ghiselli is a fan of a ham and cheese sandwich. Bowles likes spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread as his game day meal, while Walsh opts to eat Martin lunch on games days.

When it comes to the music the players listen to before their game, country was a popular choice. Zubrod likes to mix it up a little bit and listens to rap, country, or house music. Ghiselli opted out of country and prefers rock or alternative rock.

Four of the players said they do not have any superstitions before the game, however Adkins and Bowles like to pray beforehand. Zubrod said he likes, “just clearing my mind and jamming to tunes” before the game.  Elble has a superstition of putting his left batting glove on first before batting.

So far this season the players have had a lot of great memories. Slappey said he enjoyed going paintballing with the team, Elble has enjoyed, “All of the memories of traveling on the road and getting closer as bros," which Walsh agreed with. Kriss has not had many memories with Miami Baseball due to being a freshman, but looks forward to “having four more years of baseball” here. 

Adkins is a graduating senior and his advice to his team is to “have fun because the time flies way too fast.” Bowles’ advice to the team is to “live it up and make memories.”

Come out to McKie Field to these players and the rest of the RedHawks take on defending MAC champion Kent State in a key East Division series. Games start at 6 p.m. on Friday, 3 p.m. on Saturday and 1 p.m. on Sunday.