May 16, 2012

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FLORENCE, Italy – On Wednesday, the Miami University volleyball team began the seven hour bus trip from Trieste to Rome. To break up the trip, the RedHawks stopped in Florence for lunch and a chance to sightsee. Several members of the team went to see Michelangelo’s famous David statue. To talk about the day’s events, here are redshirt freshman Jenny Ingle and junior Kayleigh Cox.

Hello from Italy,

Beginning our day, we woke up early in Trieste to travel the four hours to Florence. On the way there we got to view the beautiful countryside of Italy as well as get some more rest from sightseeing in Venice the day before. Arriving in Florence we quickly unloaded the bus into the street, which was much more crowded than the other cities we have visited so far.

First off, we decided to get the tickets for those of us that wanted to see the David so we wouldn’t have to wait in the enormous line that was formed for those who did not get reserved tickets. In the time between unloading the bus and our reservation we took off to explore the city. Sites we saw included the Duomo and the old bridge. The Duomo was a very elaborate building including around four hundred stairs to the top. A select few of our group climbed all the way to the top to experience the wondrous view. Next, was the old bridge which was only about fifteen minutes from the Duomo. The old bridge was a bridge that had been around since WWII and was never bombed. Aligning the river that the bridge was on were gorgeous flowers and a dripping water fall to the left of the bridge.

Along this river, we decided to stop to eat at a little sandwich shop where the waitresses were dressed completely in red. Even though many of us did not know exactly what we ordered because it was in Italian, everyone that stopped at the shop seemed to enjoy it. After lunch, we found a market place with tons of venders, especially venders selling leather products. The remaining time that we had left before our reservation for the David we spent walking around and buying items from the market.

Finally, it was time to go see the David. Since we had the reservations, we pretty much just got to walk into the museum. Seeing the David statue was amazing, it’s hard to believe that a man with such simple tools could make a statue so lifelike. You could even see the veins of David popping out in his arm and neck. Other interesting art in the museum included a lifelike statue/fountain of a man that was dressed in real human clothes and would drip water like he was crying into a pond, which many of us thought was just a mime. Also, there was an old musical instrument exhibit including many instruments such as serpent instrument that I have never seen before.

Before leaving for Rome, we all stopped in a gelato shop and got Italian ice cream of all sorts of flavors, which was delicious! Finally, we loaded up the bus for another three hour bus ride to Rome. Traveling into the city, we got to preview the sites, such as the Colosseum. The rest of the evening consisted of eating dinner at a little restaurant right down the street from our hotel and going to bed.   

Thank you for reading!
Jenny Ingle and Kayleigh Cox