May 12, 2012

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MARIBOR, Slovenia – The Miami University volleyball team spent the day in the mountains as it visited the Logarska Dolina park nestled deep in the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. While there, the RedHawks participated in a ropes course that was not for the faint of heart. Afterwards, they took on the OK Sempeter club team for its third match. To blog about the day, here are sophomore Chelsea Visk and redshirt freshman Jenny Ingle.

Hello from Maribor, Slovenia!

After an early morning breakfast, a day in the mountains was planned for us. We were worried we wouldn’t be able to partake in the activities due to the 100% chance of rain. Luckily the storms didn’t hit until later today, and we were able to enjoy an amazing day. Taking a ski lift to the top of a mountain was only the beginning of our adventures. Coach Anna refused to take the lift and was determined to take the treacherous walk up the mountain along with seniors Colleen and Amy. They triumphantly conquered that mountain.

At the top, the team split into two different groups; one group was sent to the high-ropes course, the other to a giant swing overlooking the mountain. The high-ropes course involved climbing and standing on top of a telephone pole. The challenge exposed certain members of our team’s immense fear of heights and their self-realization that they can conquer their distress. With the encouragement of team members below, each teammate took the final steps atop the pole. The adrenaline rush was huge, greater for some than others: producing shaking and at some points, tears. It was definitely worth it, and we learned the power of support from our team.

The giant swing involved being harnessed in thin air and lifted up by the teamwork of others pulling us up by a rope. At the utmost height, the brave participant, dangling in thin air, and overlooking the beautiful mountains of Slovenia, released the latch and swung forward. It was, again, another huge adrenaline rush. Some members of our team were brave enough to complete the swing upside-down: such dare-devils!

The completion of our mountain expedition finished off with an alpine slide down the mountain. We were able to control the speed of our tiny, yellow cart: the daring gunned it the entire way, being whipped back and forth during the sharp turns and twists.

For lunch, we took a two-hour bus drive up to the tops of another mountain. It was probably one of the most beautiful areas we have experienced. We were served a traditional, Slovenian meal consisting of meat, potatoes, vegetables, and of course- apple strudel. Afterwards, we made our way to our next match against the team, OK Sempeter. The match was great competition. The team served very aggressively. Adding to the difficulty, screening is apparently not illegal over here and it was nearly impossible to see the server. Overall, the team played well and it was very competitive with good rallies including hard hits (Menche hit a girl in the face on a one ball) and great digs. It was a great experience.

We returned to our hotel around ten at night and had a quick dinner. We look forward to another day here in Slovenia tomorrow!

-Chelsea Visk and Jenny Ingle