May 11, 2012

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MARIBOR, SLOVENIA – The Miami University volleyball team moved onto Maribor, Slovenia for the fourth day of its historic tour of Europe. The RedHawks got the opportunity to visit a very scenic town, before taking on the talented Slovenian Junior National Team. Friday’s blog was written by Christina Menche and Jackie Lang. Video and Photos from the day will be available on Saturday.

Guten Tag Miami University Volleyball followers!

This is Christina Menche and Jackie Lang. This morning we woke up early to get breakfast and a head start on the long day ahead.  We dressed alike in Miami Volleyball gear, which caught the attention of the other hotel residents. As we told our story, we had to correct many of them by telling them we are from Miami of Ohio, not Florida. The breakfast spread was delicious, particularly the authentic Belgium waffles!

After breakfast we loaded the bus for a three hour ride for Maribor, Slovenia. Many of the girls took advantage of this time to get some extra sleep, as we always do when the opportunity arises. But don’t worry; we managed to take a funny video of the girls sleeping on the way there. As we arrived, we realized Maribor didn’t have the same city-like feel as Vienna. However, the beautiful, green mountains were unlike anything we had seen before. Once we arrived, we ate lunch as we overlooked the scenic view. Some of the Slovenian Junior National players joined us, which allowed us to size up our competition. Most of the team was just thrilled the hotel had free WiFi in order to talk to their families and friends at home.

Shortly thereafter we loaded the bus to go to our first match in Maribor. After a long warm up we began a five-game match against fierce competition. We had tougher match than we did against the Austrian team, and we had our struggles. But by the end we managed to pull it together and finish strong. We realized we have a lot to work on; however we’re looking forward to using this experience to better our team in the upcoming fall season.

After the match we took quick showers and hurried off to dinner. We walked shortly uphill to take a gondola—an enclosed ski-lift—up the mountain. Many of the girls enjoyed the view, but some clenched their seats tightly. The views were gorgeous if you were brave enough to look! Fortunately we rode up during sunset, which made for fantastic photos.

Once we finally made it to the top, we were able to relax and eat dinner outside as we overlooked the city of Maribor. We ate a much needed, wonderful meal consisting of American and Slovenian foods.

After dinner we headed back down the mountain but it was much darker and we couldn’t see exactly where our gondola was going. The city lights were glistening, which helped to distract our fears. Tired, we hurried back to the hotel to await Colleen Loftus’ and Amy Raseman’s arrival in Maribor!

We had an enjoyable day in two fabulous cities! We can’t wait for tomorrow for the mountain activities in store! Until then, zbogom (goodbye in Slovenian)!