May 15, 2012


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TRIESTE, Italy - The Miami University volleyball team hit the road again as they moved on to Italy, where they will spend the rest of their trip. First up was a quick bus ride to Trieste, which is in the northeastern part of the country. The RedHawks got a quick chance to explore the city before moving on to the nearby city of Pordenone, where they had their fourth match of the trip, this time against the Porcia Club. Miami would earn a tough five-set victory. To blog about the day, here are redshirt freshman Sarah Chaney and junior Madison Dodd.

Hello Fans!

This is Sarah Chaney and Madison Dodd again! Today we left Slovenia and drove three hours to Trieste, Italy. As we arrived we were able to see the Adriatic Sea from up in the mountains. It was quite the sight! We then went to a restaurant that overlooked the sea. We had some tasty lasagna and salad and then ventured out into the sea itself. There were multiple jellyfish and lots of mussels and snails. We all got our feet wet and played with the creatures. It was a fun experience and now we can all say that we have been in that sea!

After lunch, we left to go visit an old castle that also overlooked the sea. The white marble stone was very pretty and the castle was huge. It had many acres of land surrounding it. The expansive gardens were fun to explore during our hour at the castle. We were able to get a lot of great pictures on the staircases that surrounded the castle.

After checking into the hotel we went to our fourth match of the trip against the Italian team. We won three games and lost two. It was a good match that was very competitive. We had a lot of fun after the matching talking with the Italian team and trying to translate what each other was saying. We gave them our Miami tokens so they can remember us. Overall, it was a successful Miami win and was also a lot of fun for both teams.

We then went to dinner where we ate pasta, meat, carrots, spinach and a strawberry pastry. It was delicious! Now it is time to go back to the hotel and get a good night's sleep!