May 9, 2012

Video Blog: Days 1 and 2

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VIENNA, Austria - The Miami University volleyball team landed safely in Vienna, Austria Wednesday to begin their 12-day European tour. The RedHawks got right to work as five hours after they landed they took on the VC Simmerring. Miami would defeat the club team in all five sets they played. Afterwards they spent time meeting the team and learning about Austrian culture before heading off to bed. Today's blog is courtesy of redshirt freshman Sarah Chaney and junior Madison Dodd.

Hello Fans!

This is Sarah Chaney and Madison Dodd. Yesterday we got on a plane in Cincinnati which took us to Washington D.C. where we caught a connecting flight to Frankfurt, Germany! The flight took eight hours, but it flew by as we slept, and watched plenty of movies. We then took another flight to Vienna, Austria, our destination! After checking into our hotel, we spent some time wandering around the beautiful city. We stopped into a few boutiques and cafes, enjoying the scenery around us. The city was filled with great architectural churches and old buildings. After grabbing a yummy bite to eat, we headed to the gym about 20 minutes away.

As we arrived in the facility, we noticed how different their balls, court, and rules for the game were. However, we quickly adapted, a finished our Austrian opponents. We were able to pull through in all five matches, a great win for Miami Volleyball! After the match, we met all the girls, and exchanged gifts.

We had a great time going to dinner with the team, and exchanging stories. They filled us in on their culture and city, and had a lot fun time learning more about Miami and the United States. We were able to communicate pretty well, as they were fluent in multiple languages, including English! We munched on delicious pizzas, pastas, and salad in the gorgeous restaurant. In the middle of the room in which we sat was a tree that canopied the entire ceiling, enwrapping us with dazzling lights. After the dinner, we parted ways and headed back to our hotel, thankful to sleep in a bed again.