May 7, 2012

Volleyball's European Trip Homepage

Practice Photo Gallery

Kendall and Riley's Video Journal

OXFORD, Ohio - The Miami University volleyball team returned to practice Monday as they prepare for their 12-day European trip. Every four years, the NCAA allows teams to take a foreign trip out-of-season as both an educational and athletic experience. From May 8-21, the RedHawks will visit Austria, Slovenia and Italy. They will visit many historic sites, conduct clinics with local children and play five matches against top caliber competition. will chronicle this historic journey. On Tuesday, the team's official itinerary will be revealed in detail. Starting on Wednesday, daily blogs will be filed by the players themselves as they share with fans their experiences. Also with each story there will be photos, along with video highlights narrated by the Miami student-athletes. All stories, photos and videos will be showcased on's main page as well as the volleyball page. If fans miss any day, they can visit the European Trip Homepage here, which will house archives all of all the articles and multimedia.

As a special bonus, click the links above for a photo gallery of today's practice, along with a video preview of the trip by setters Amy Kendall and Meg Riley. What follows is Kendall and Riley's journal entry on their anticipation of the trip.

Hey Miami Volleyball Fans!

We are Amy Kendall and Meg Riley and we are the setters! Words cannot explain how excited we are to be traveling to Europe with our team! We can't wait to play and see the level of competition the international teams will offer us. It's great that volleyball is such a universal sport, so we have the opportunity to do this! We could not be more thankful for everything that everyone has done to make this happen. We are also looking forward to all the sightseeing we will be doing.

We have been researching for the past year and already have which gelato shops we want to go to picked out! Today we are practicing and getting ready for our departure tomorrow. We have to make sure our skills are sharp and we are ready to be our best! Luckily we can focus on practice because we have been packed for months. Now all we have to do is remember our passports! You will hear more from us and our teammates as we travel. Ciao!