Miami Head Coach Don Treadwell

On 25 seniors graduating

"We are going to miss a lot of great seniors. Certainly, I thought our kids, as they've done all year, played very hard. We continue to do that and I think that's a testament that the kids provide from that prospective because your seniors make such a big difference."

On 25-35 MPH wind

"It was a huge factor in terms of trying to throw against the wind, because it was really blowing. So, strategy wise, you really had to account for that."

On the loss

"We fell short, but as I told our kids, 'If you play your best there is no shame in losing, you just have to learn from it and move forward'."

On finishing 4-8 for the second straight season

"Certainly, as a head coach who has worn the red and white, played on the battlefield, no one has higher expectations for our football program than me. So, any critics can take a backseat, because there's no one that feels a loss more than a head coach that's played here. I'm going to make that very clear. We will continue to move forward and what matters most quite frankly is, especially as we finish this season, for those that are privileged to come back, and we have a lot of players coming back as returners, is how we respond. And I think that's where it sits."


Senior Defensive Lineman Jason Semmes

On the defensive effort in general

"We knew they were going to run the ball. That's what is frustrating. It came down to us making plays and executing and we didn't do that in the end. This one hurts."

Reflecting as a senior

"I think we gave all out effort today and they beat us. There's not really much more that I can say. It hurts to go out losing, but I know that it's going to springboard those guys for next season."

On playing with his brother Justin Semmes

"Looking over and seeing my brother, it's probably the best feeling. Even more exciting than when I make a play is when he's out there. I'm just excited that I got the opportunity to play with him here."

On finishing 4-8 this season

"We didn't come into the season thinking back-to-back 4-8 seasons. It's tough. We put our all into this program and we know the coaches put their all into the program, so when you come up short of your expectations it's hard."


Senior Quarterback Zac Dysert

On the loss

 "They just made more plays than us when it came down to it."

On finishing his career

 "It has been awesome here. I can't say enough about Miami University: the football program, the guys on the team, the coaches, you know, just everybody that surrounds the team. They're just awesome. Without them, none of this stuff that we accomplished could have happened."


Sophomore Wide Receiver Dawan Scott

On scoring his first rushing TD in the first quarter

"Coach told me we were going to throw a wildcat in there for you, so I just got real excited and just took my opportunity and everybody blocked."

On how it felt to be a running back again

"I miss it. I miss it a lot. Sometimes when I get the ball I just turn into one like I have the running back mentality. I just miss it."


Ball State Head Coach Pete Lembo

On today's game

"When I look at the tape, I will see a lot of good things, but we will see a few things that bother us a little bit. At the end of the day considering the circumstances we are very happy."

At the end of the regular season

"Relative to it being the second year of a rebuilding process, we're a pretty young team. We only started seven seniors most of them were on the offensive line. We've had several conversations going into the year about our schedule with three BCS opponents, finishing up with most our games  on the road, and playing some of the better teams in the crossover phase. Relative to all of those things, I'm really proud of this team. It's pretty amazing and we're not even factoring in the injuries. We came over and got win number nine. It's only happened twice, once in 1978 and once in 2008. It's amazing what those guys have done relative to all of those things. It's pretty special what we've been able to do."