Miami Hockey Postgame Quotes
Miami vs. Notre Dame
OfficeMax Hockey City Classic
Sunday, February 17, 2013
Soldier Field - Chicago, Ill.

Head Coach Enrico Blasi
Opening statement:
"It was a pretty good atmosphere out there. The people at Intersport did a great job organizing the event. Unfortunately, we didn't play our best and Notre Dame played very well and they deserved to win."

On the importance of this big-stage Chicago venue for recruiting purposes:
"I think it's important for college hockey in general. Anytime we can put our sport and our product out there on that national stage and in a venue like we were today, I think it's important for our sport. Secondly, for recruiting our program has always been heavily involved in the Chicago area. We have players from Chicago and we've always had players from Chicago. It's a great city and they produce a lot of good hockey players."

On the ice conditions impacting the style of play:
"Both teams play an up-tempo game, so we both had to deal with it. I think they found a way to make plays and they had better energy. They had a little bit more jump, if you will, and they took it to us. We just didn't have an answer for it. We were not ourselves because of what they were doing to us. All credit goes to Notre Dame. We had a good game on Friday and they didn't have such a good game and today they had a better game than we did."

Senior defenseman and captain Steven Spinell
On the experience of playing in his hometown at Soldier Field:
"Playing outside in front of over 50,000 people was a great experience, but you kind of lose a little bit of that when you lose the game. It was definitely great to be a part of this. We've just got to look forward to next week now."

Freshman goaltender Ryan McKay
On the experience of playing at Soldier Field near his hometown:
"With tons of family here, it was a surreal experience. Obviously losing the game and whatnot definitely takes a lot away from the experience, but it was something I'll remember for a very long time."

On Notre Dame's first goal:
"They were able to win the faceoff after a little bit of a scrum. They fed the puck over (to the middle) and I committed down early."

On Notre Dame's second goal:
"It was a semi-breakaway. (Notre Dame's Costello) had the puck and there was another guy driving wide. They shot the puck on net and it went over to the other guy who scored."

Freshman forward Kevin Morris
On the experience of playing at Soldier Field:
"It was pretty special for us. The idea of playing in front of so many people on a professional football field was obviously pretty cool. We've seen all the NHL players do it and to be a part of it was pretty special. It is a learning experience for us as far as league-wise goes. Every game is huge now. We're going to learn from it and just be ready for next weekend."

On the game itself:
"We turned it on at the end. But when you wait more than half of the game to turn it on against a great Notre Dame team then you're not setting yourself up for success."

On his goal in the third period:
"(Marc) Hagel made a great pass and (Cody) Murphy distracted the net. It was a play where you just try to get the puck on net and see what happens."

Sophomore forward Cody Murphy
On the experience of playing at Soldier Field:
"It was an incredible experience obviously, like everyone's mentioned. Losing took a lot away from it, but being from Chicago and being able to play in front of my family is something I'll always remember. I'm very, very fortunate to have an opportunity such as this."