Miami Quotes

Coach John Cooper

Opening statement: It was one of those games that we never quite got the momentum of the game. I thought they really did a terrific job of really having the momentum, especially for being on the road, and they came up with big shots and were able to get some scores late in the shot clock. But somehow we were able to just weather the storm.

On taking back the lead late in the game: As the game played out, we were able to wrestle away the lead right there down the stretch, but the thing I'm most proud of that I asked our team is how do you win games when you are not playing your best? That is a sign of a team that starts maturing and that's how you become a good team. We're not quite there yet, but just understanding what that takes and what it's like (is good progress).

Junior forward Drew McGhee

On scoring a season-high 14 points: They were giving me good post-position on the inside and the guards were finding me when I was open. They weren't coming down and double-teaming me, so it made it easy to find an open spot in the post and put it up and score.

Junior Forward Will Felder

On the team gaining more confidence: The confidence is definitely building and I think we are starting to see that. When we get down the stretch, we are the only ones we can rely on. We are starting to trust each other on defense and get stops at the right times.

Junior point guard Quinten Rollins

On making the game-winning shot with 19 seconds left: I saw the shot clock was running down, so I couldn't pass it because I would've put my guys in a bad position. I just got it back to my strong hand and I drove and (the defender) gave me a little wide-open gap. Once I got past their big that was guarding Drew, I just floated it up and it went in.

Bowling Green Quotes

Coach Louis Orr

Opening statement: Statistically, we played pretty well. ... The problem is when your not stopping guys and you go through a drought where you have turnovers, which we had, and we don't score then the game, especially on the road, it stops being in your favor.

On Bowling Green's defense: I thought defensively, over the last five to eight minutes, we had a tough time guarding them. A big key for them was Drew McGhee. I thought he had a really strong game. ... I thought McGhee was a big lift for them.

On what happened down the stretch: We stopped scoring, turned the ball over and couldn't stop them. So, I thought we did some good things offensively, but it just concerned me that we couldn't consistently get stops.