Miami Quotes

Will Felder

On Miami's late comeback: As a competitor you never lay down. We aren't going to ever just lie down and let a team just pummel us, especially Ohio. We just couldn't get over the hump at the end.

On Miami's defensive struggles: It was in transition mostly. I don't think it was necessarily in the half court. It was just off of the rebounds. They were running in transition, (D.J.) Cooper was finding different guys and we didn't have them accounted for. They had open looks and they made them.

Geovonie McKnight

On Ohio's early second half run: We had a couple breakdowns early in the second half and they just got a lot of wide-open shots. They knocked them in, they stretched it and then hit us with another run. We just have to do a better job executing defensively.

On his career-high 11 points and four steals: I just tried to be the spark and tried to get a few steals. I got a little confidence and started getting some buckets.

John Cooper

On Miami's second-half comeback: Obviously, we cut the lead, but I never really felt like we were in it. There were numerous times in the second half when we got the ball and we got the ball inside and we could score or we couldn't get the foul. That hurt us.

On shooting 34.9 percent from the field: If we don't shoot the basketball well, we are going to struggle. We are who we are.

On Felder's 19 points and 10 rebounds: Will Felder continues to bring it. The past few games his energy level has been terrific.

Ohio Quotes

Jim Christian

On allowing Miami to get back in the game late: It was sloppy at the end. You can't have mental lapses at the end of the game, especially with our team because we have nine juniors and seniors out there.

On making 12-of-25 from beyond the arc: This was as well as we've shot the ball on the road. We shot the ball well at home from three and on the road we have not. But tonight we shot the ball extremely well. The reason why 3-point shots were open was because our post players were running the floor.