Located between Yager Stadium and Millett Hall, the Miami Softball Stadium ranks as one of the finest softball facilities in the nation. With room for more than 500 spectators, the stadium offers a variety of seating options. Fixed seating is available in three sections behind home plate and along the rightfield line, with the outfield seating wrapping around from the foul pole to the middle of rightfield. Also available are open grass seating sections above both the home and visitor dugouts, providing fans with an intimate view of RedHawk softball. In addition, Miami Softball Stadium features, six light standards which allow the RedHawks to play night games. 

The stadium also features an inning-by-inning scoreboard beyond the wall in right centerfield, with a scrolling message board at the bottom. Located next to the scoreboard is an indoor training facility, complete with two full-length batting cages. The visitor and home bullpens at the new stadium are located down the leftfield line and beyond the rightfield wall, respectively, and the outfield wall is complete with a windscreen and yellow padding, which runs the full length of the fence. The stadium also is equipped with a state-of-the-art pressbox with Internet capabilities and seating for 10.