Miami Quotes

Allen Roberts

On UMass' size and length: Their ability with their length was sensational. I really didn't expect them to be that long in the perimeter and the post... We had to work on adjusting our shots and they deflected some passes with their length and they obviously could get rebounds. Their length was an issue when we got inside in the paint.

On scoring 21 points, which was two shy of his career high: When it comes to my jump shot, I'm feeling a little bit more boost in my knee and I'm able to explode a little bit more off the ground now. I don't know if that's just the season coming along or just me working on it.

Drew McGhee

On UMass' size and length: We also knew that we could be the tougher team out there and go into their bodies and finish strong. So, even though they were a little longer and more athletic, we matched that with toughness and strength in the paint.

On finding his stroke the last few games: I had a low-point in the beginning of the season. I would say not even a slump, but a coma. But, these last few games they've been falling a lot better than they were the first few games of the season and it's feeling good. I just hope they continue to keep falling... My confidence was real low at the beginning of the season and you make that first one and you start getting it back and you make those few good plays in practice and you start feeling it again and I think I just had a little bit low confidence at the beginning of the season, but I'm getting it back.

Coach John Cooper

Opening statement: I think from the perspective of effort, I though we played with enough effort, I though we did some things that put us in a position to win, obviously.

On Miami's rebounding: If you look at the rebound stats, we were outrebounded again and I have to face the fact that that's who we are.

On Miami's second-half effort: I was really pleased with how we came out in the second half after being down eight at the halfway point and to be able to come back and to have the gumption to get right back in the game.

On Will Sullivan's final shot: I thought I had an opportunity to call a timeout when we got the rebound down the stretch right there, but decided not to. I saw they were, pretty much, it was a little bit of a scramble. Reggie (Johnson) got the rebound and they were in transition defense so I thought there was an opportunity for us to get a pretty good look and we got right to the backboard... Will just missed it, but he made a lot of plays in the game that kept us in it, so I'll take that play every time.

UMass Quotes

Derek Kellogg

Opening statement: The one-point games are becoming an old hat for the Minutemen. I thought we played a better first half, obviously, and played better defense. I thought they came out in the second half and made some threes. We had a couple things that didn't go exactly our way and we were in a dogfight from there on out... It was a good, hard-fought win for us.

On Raphiael Putney's performance: He's been in a little bit of a slump and when I say slump, I mean he just hasn't shot the ball as well as he had. But his practices have been phenomenal the past week or two... I actually called it that at some point - kind of like I said Jesse would - Putney was going to have a breakout game for us. He kind of won the game for us with his offensive plays.

On not getting to the line enough: The thing I was disappointed in was we didn't get to the free throw line enough for having 17 offensive rebounds. I thought we could have been a little tougher on our drives. They did a good job of playing physical in the paint.

On taking too many 3-pointers: That was way too many. I thought in the first half when we stopped shooting threes that's when we increased our lead. I thought we settled a little bit.