March 8, 2011

OXFORD, Ohio -- Miami University's outstanding history in women's swimming and diving is saluted by MURedHawks by acknowledging the more than 300 women who earned varsity letters at Miami University from the 1980s through the 2010. The list of all-time letter winners for the sport is being unveiled today as part of an ongoing athletic department project.

The research for this particular list encompasses hundreds of man hours, searching through files, media guides, school yearbooks and various other resources. While the information is continually being developed and updated, the objective of Miami's Athletic Communications staff is to ultimately include the faces of every varsity letterwinner on Miami's all-time list.

The women's list can be found by clicking here.

If you notice errors, please forward that information to Miami's Athletic Communications office so that we can make the corrections. If you have access to the actual photographs of the individuals who are currently missing, kindly pass those along to us as well. has already unveiled similar all-time lists for the fall and other winter sports. Letter winner sections being launched over the next 30 days include those for synchronized skating and men's swimming.

Check back throughout the month of March as we continue to unveil this project.