March 17, 2011

Miami All-Access Interview with Kelsey Vehr

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OXFORD, Ohio - In the swimming pool, Kelsey Vehr (Cincinnati) has earned acclaim as a superb athlete who will finish her career as one of Miami University's greatest-ever athletes. To her teammates, though, she's the "goofy girl" who has earned the most important title any individual can strive for: friend.

Several RedHawk teammates recall their favorite memories about their special pal who competes at the NCAA Championships March 18 and 19.


Kelsey is like my twin sister: For the past four years, we have swum virtually every event together, mainly the 100 and 200 breast, and the 200 and 400 IM. In fact, we share the same birthday and were born minutes apart on March 17, making us St. Patrick's Day girls. I honestly believe that swimming with "kv" has made me a better swimmer, and it has certainly made training a lot more fun as we create our own silly songs about practice. I know the competitors at NCAAs will be going down to Chinatown!! (inside joke). Best of luck kv!!!  

Megan (Brunn)


I still remember you as the crazy girl from our recruiting trip. You have had one of the most laid-back attitudes on the team which has helped us succeed together. Good luck at NCAAs and do what you do best: have fun!

Sarah (Bullock)


I sometimes joke around with Kelsey because "I see her way too much." I mean, after all, I train either in the same lane, the lane next to her, am her weight partner, or swim two lanes down from her in a race. No matter what the occasion of being with her though, I can always count on her not only for a good time, but for someone to push me. While on our training trip this year, I never thought it was possible to have fun, laugh and train hard on a Monday morning I.M. set, all at the same time. While spending so much time with her, I can't help but notice her ability to want to win. I never thought I would see the day where we both improved our pull-ups from 0 to almost 10. (After all, we used the weight belt when we weren't supposed too.) I've told Kelsey this before, but her ability to train is only second to her ability to compete. I wish Kelsey the best of Luck at her last NCAA's and have no doubt in my mind that she will compete her fullest and continue to surprise people! GOOD LUCK KELSEY! Once a Mermaid, Always a Mermaid.

Love, Stacie (Clagg)


Kelsey always knows how to have a great time at swim meets. She is the swimmer that everyone enjoys watching on the pool deck having fun, being her goofy self, and cheering for her teammates. But, when it's time to swim fast, Kelsey puts on her game face and knows how to get the job done! Kelsey, I can't wait to see you what you can do this weekend at NCAAs. It's your last meet as a Miami RedHawk, so just go out there and have fun! I wish you all the best...GOOD LUCK KELS!!!

Taylor (Koplow)


Kelsey has been a great teammate to me, and I am so grateful to have spent a year training with her. She is a true inspiration, she is extremely encouraging and motivating to me in practice, and I know she will do awesome at NCAA's!!  

Kayla (Scott)


Over the past four years, whenever I have seen Kelsey swim, it is always with a smile on her face. Whether it is in practice during the most difficult set of her life, or during a big meet, she seems to always have that positive attitude. That attitude is one of the attributes that has gotten her to where she is today: heading off to NCAA's for the third straight year. I have loved watching Kelsey swim, coming out of the "ready room" dancing and singing along to the music, waving her arms uncontrollably in the air, and once again, always wearing that smile. It seems as though she intimidates her competition with her quirky antics while the rest of them are standing stoic behind the blocks. Kelsey always knows how to have a good time, even in the tensest situations. She not only swims for herself, trying to achieve personal bests, but for the team, putting her heart and soul into every race she swims, and helping to calm down relay teammates when needed. Kelsey brings enthusiasm that is contagious. She seems to go into every meet with expectations for herself and the team, and somehow, always manages to surpass even her own expectations. I have loved not only calling Kelsey a teammate, but also a friend. Kels--Good Luck this week! Swim super duper fast, and show everyone what MIAMI is all about! We will all be cheering for you, glued to our computers watching results!

Katherine (Reinmann)


Kelsey and I always laughed that our freshman year we were enemies, did not like each other at all and now, well, that is a completely different story. Through all of the training trips, duals meets and winning MACs our sophomore year, we have become like sisters. We don't always agree on things but it never changes the fact that we are family. It's time for her to swim fast this week and come back to Oxford so we can celebrate our last two months before we go into the real world!

Rodd (Nicole Roddenbery)

Kelsey, more than any other swimmer I know, knows how to swim her race. This doesn't mean that she doesn't race the girl in the next lane over--because she does. And she beats her. But she knows herself and always swims smart. It's easiest to see this when she swims the 400IM because she doesn't freak out when other swimmers start to advance on backstroke. She stays calm and overcomes insane half the pool long type of deficits. At NCAAs she will be the only girl in her heat, probably in the whole meet, that will confidently stand up on the block looking across the pool until the official says take your mark. Some who don't know her may stupidly ask, "What is that girl doing?" The answer is she's being Kelsey. And that's why she is going to come back to Oxford with an NCAA trophy.

Katie (Arlinghaus)