Feb. 9, 2012

Freshman RedHawk diver Lacey Houser (Danville, IN) is among 13 United States divers who are competing in the FINA Diving Grand Prix, Feb. 10-12 in Rostock, Germany. Here's the first of her blogs from overseas.


Day 1- Rostock, Germany

We spent over 30 hours traveling and finally arrived on Wednesday morning. We arrived to the pool where we ate lunch, took a look at the pool, then went to our hotel. Our first practice was yesterday, so we used that time to get used to the pool.

Our meals are all catered at the pool, so we ate dinner then headed back to the hotel for the night. After a day as long as yesterday, everyone needed a good night's sleep.

The layout of the city is very tightly compacted. Every building is very close together and very small. Our room is very tiny, about the size of a dorm room at Miami. There's about six inches or more of snow here and it has snowed everyday so far.

We all take the local city bus to and from the pool, or as it is said in German, "the swimmerhalle".

Now it's off to bed and practice Thursday morning!! Go team USA!

Love and Honor, Lacey Houser