May 22, 2011

Miami University rising junior midfielder Jess Kodiak is studying in China for five weeks (May 11-June 14) this summer through Miami's School of Business. During her time overseas, she will be submitting blog updates periodically on (when she has access to internet). Below is her second entry.

It is our last day in Shanghai and than we are going to Xian tomorrow. We will see the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, so that should be really interesting. Shanghai is amazing. It is absolutely gorgeous and the opportunities there seem endless.

Our group got to see a supercomputer, which was very impressive. We went up the Oriental Pearl Tower and it had a glass floor you could walk on and see the ground 125 stories below. Next we took a cruise down the river and saw the skyline at night. We met with an architecture company that designed and is currently building the second largest building in the world, the Shanghai Tower. It was really interesting to hear how they planned out the tower. The Shanghai Stock Exchange was very informational and nice to see and compare to the United States Exchange as well.

The Shanghai skyline at night

No city in America I have been to can compare to Shanghai. Shanghai has more green space than Central Park; there are gardens, trees, forests, etc. found everywhere. The food in each city so far has been slightly different. I've been told each region has its own twist on the food, either really spicy, greasier, etc.

Shanghai has 22 million people in it, which is the population of Australia. Most people do not drive because there is just not enough roads and space. The business culture here is different than America's in the sense that after work they love to go get dinner and sing karaoke. They have karaoke bars at every other corner.


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