June 10, 2011

Miami University rising junior midfielder Jess Kodiak is studying in China for five weeks (May 11-June 14) this summer through Miami's School of Business. During her time overseas, she will be submitting blog updates periodically on MURedHawks.com (when she has access to internet). Below is her fourth entry.

Jess visited the Water Cube in Beijing where Michael Phelps won eight gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Last week in Beijing we visited the Bird's Nest and Water Cube where the 2008 Olympics were held. Afterwards we traveled to Sanya on the Hainian Island, which is the southernmost part of China. They are trying to develop this island into the Hawaii of Asia. It has a lot of potential with beautiful beaches and lovely weather.

A Li villager climbs a tree to gather coconuts.

We went sightseeing to the Li Village and Monkey Island. At Li Village the men could climb up the trees in three seconds and would bring down fruit to make juice. Monkey Island was incredible -- there were monkeys everywhere and we were able to feed them. One monkey even attacked one of the students because he was hiding a muffin in his pocket.

Besides all of the sightseeing, we have been visiting lots of businesses and all of the school work has caught up with us. We have had three free days but have been busy preparing presentations and papers.

We are currently in Shenzhen where we visited a painting market and observed college entrance exams being taken by seniors in high school. We are about to travel to our last stops, Hong Kong and Macau, before returning back to the States in a few days.


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