May 19, 2011

Miami University rising junior midfielder Jess Kodiak is studying in China for five weeks (May 11-June 14) this summer through Miami's School of Business. During her time overseas, she will be submitting blog updates periodically on (when she has access to internet). Below is her first entry.

I spent my first six days of China in Dalian, and we just get to Shanghai Wednesday (May 18). So far China has been a blast. There are 17 students in my group and two professors and daily we go to businesses and get a tour and learn about the different business aspects of each company. I have learned far more than I anticipated about the business world and the Chinese culture already.

Jess has enjoyed McDonald's a few times while in China so far.

Running in China has been difficult to do with our busy schedule and when I do run the pollution makes it a lot harder to breathe. I have eaten sea cucumber, jellyfish, dog, chicken liver, and a few other exotic animals in China as part of the experience. I have had to go to McDonald's a few times in order to survive from all of the exotic foods.

Shanghai is beautiful; the city is gorgeous and very highly populated. At night the buildings light up the skyline. The tricky part about China is trying to cross the road. The drivers here are absolutely insane; they honk constantly, drive in the wrong lane, and will not stop for pedestrians. When we take cabs or drive in the bus it is always an adventure of its own.

Well, now I'm off to another business meeting and dinner. I'll be writing again soon.