May 29, 2011

Miami University rising junior midfielder Jess Kodiak is studying in China for five weeks (May 11-June 14) this summer through Miami's School of Business. During her time overseas, she will be submitting blog updates periodically on (when she has access to internet). Below is her third entry.

We are currently in Beijing, where the 2008 Olympics were held. When we were in Xian earlier this past week we went to see the Terracotta warriors. It was surreal to get to see the thousands of clay warriors.

In Beijing, the highlight by far has been visiting the The Great Wall. The Great Wall is over 10,000 miles long, but there are only a few sections that are open to visitors. Once we got on the wall, we climbed up to the highest point and it was surprisingly difficult because it is extremely steep. The view was amazing, but we were not able to see very far out due to the "smog" or pollution. It creeps over the land like a fog, yet it never disappears.

Jess and her Peking University student partner, Alan

At night we had Peking Duck, which was surprisingly delicious. We had the honor of visiting Peking University, which is one of the best universities in China, and the students gave us a tour of their campus.

Beijing has a lot of history and has been a lot of fun. It also taught us a lot about the culture and rich history that China holds. Until next time…


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