Chad "Stylez" Burns helps football team stay loose

Throughout the season, practices can get monotonous.

Chad "Stylez" Burns helps break up that monotony with the tunes he pumps out of the makeshift John Deere Gator he drives around practice. Burns mounted two large speakers on the back of the Gator, which are hooked up to a gas-powered generator.

The players, for the most part, enjoy the wide variety of music he plays. During the last two weeks, I've heard everything from hip-hop to country to Christina Aguilera. Yes, Christina Aguilera.

"Some days he's fine," junior cornerback Deyonne Nunley said. "Other days it's just like, 'What are we listening to?' It's crazy."

I guess everyone has an off-day from time to time. We'll let the Genie In a Bottle selection pass for now, as most of the players really do enjoy his playlists.

"It's relaxing," junior running back Robert Williams III said. "When you come out on the football field it's supposed to be all business, but when you are stretching and he puts that playlist on, it's just a time to relax your mind, get in a goofy mood and you play football best when you are relaxed."

The players aren't the only ones relaxed. You'll see Burns playing the air guitar, head banging and occasionally he'll bust out some Michael Jackson moves (click here for a video).

And you better know Burns DOESN'T accept requests so don't even ask.

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