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By Dave Meyer (@DaveMeyerMU)

· Before I begin today’s recap, I just wanted to point out a few recent announcements that others may not have seen. Several players were named preseason All-MAC by Athlon Sports. See the entire list HERE. Bryson Albright was also named preseason honorable mention by See that list HERE.

· Finding today’s practice player of the day was pretty simple to me. I can remember at least three different occasions where Jared Murphy came down with an impressive catch. Early in the day he made a double move to get behind the defensive back for a 50-yard touchdown catch during a 1-on-1 period. A few periods later he hauled in a 60-yard touchdown from Andrew Hendrix during 11-on-11’s. His final catch came during a two-minute period to help set up a score. At 5-foot-10 and 180 pounds, he may not look like much, but trust me, he can play.

· Another wide receiver, Alvonta Jenkins, ran a route that coach Martin was upset with and let Jenkins know about it. What is great about this 2014 team … Jenkins did not quit or sulk, instead he took the instruction and ran his next route perfectly, catching a jump ball along the sideline for 25 yards.

· I’m intrigued by how the coaching staff will use Sam Shisso in the redzone. Today they may have given a glimpse of what’s to come, throwing him several jump balls and at 6-foot-6, it is hard to argue with that thinking.

· David Frazier had another touchdown grab today, this one coming during a two-minute drill. The senior was able to drag his toes while stretching for a pass in the corner of the endzone.

· It wasn’t just about the wide receivers on Thursday morning. I thought cornerback Bert Birdsall had a very solid day. He showed good closing speed on a deep pass, had a solid pass breakup in the redzone and even had a big hit to force a dropped pass during an 11-on-11 drill.

· Chrishawn Dupuy, Heath Harding and Randy Anderson had interceptions and J’Terius Jones and Mitch Winters added sacks on the day.

· Fifth-year senior tight end Alex Welch returned to practice.

· After practice is over, normally 30-40 guys stay on the field to get a little extra work. Impressive the amount of guys that hang around. One of those guys, Kaleb Patterson, drilled a 56-yard field goal after practice. Looked as if it would have been good from 60-62 yards.