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By Dave Meyer (@DaveMeyerMU)

· The defensive line had its best practice of the fall. At times, the offense had difficulty functioning because of the constant pass rush. By my count, Bryson Albright had three sacks during a redzone period and Josh Dooly and Matt Merimee added sacks during 11x11 periods.

· Chrishawn Dupuy and Marshall Taylor added interceptions due to the impressive pass rush.

· It wasn’t all bad for the offense. Early in the day the team ran 3x3 drills, where there offensive players block three defensive players as a running back attempts to score from roughly 10 yards out. The run of the day came from freshman Paul Moses, who absolutely trucked over a pair of defensive backs on his way to the endzone. Another freshman, Kenny Young, scored on the very next play, igniting a 50-player celebration.

· Something the coaching staff has been harping on all camp is accountability. As I said before, I thought the defensive line had a great day, but they were a bit sluggish during a position period. Assistant coach Corey Brown was less than pleased with the effort and made his guys start the period over (after a few up-downs). This is just one example, of what this coaching staff believes in and what they expect every single day.

· Practice ended with more redzone work. David Frazier had a remarkable leaping catch for a touchdown and Sam Martin caught a short pass that resulted in a 15-yard touchdown grab.