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By Dave Meyer (@DaveMeyerMU)

· After arguably their worst practice of the fall on Monday, Tuesday’s practice was one of the best. More energy from both sides of the ball and the competition was intense. At one point Fred McRae IV made a diving touchdown grab and the entire offense came out to celebrate with him. Later on Marshall Taylor had a pick-six and the whole defense went nuts. Probably the most entertaining fall practice to this point.

· Today was the first time that I can remember not having the coaches on the field during 11-on-11 drills. They simply called in the play and let the team line up. There were no pre-snap adjustments by the coaching staff during several periods of practice.

· Offensively I thought Rokeem Williams had a great day. During a passing drill, Williams set his feet and caught the ball at its highest point. The sophomore received high praise from coach Martin following the play.

· I know I have talked about this before, but Orlando David continues to impress me at camp. He comes of the line of scrimmage fast and catches the ball with ease.

· I still laugh every time I see Chris Hudson lined out wide. At 6-foot-7 he is the largest wide receiver I have ever seen. This morning, senior Chrishawn Dupuy (5-9) lined up across from him and had PERFECT coverage on the freshman, but Hudson jumped and caught the ball over Dupuy with ease.

· Quinten Rollins had another interception this morning. That is at least three that I know of during camp.

· After yesterday’s poor offensive redzone performance, they were much better on Tuesday. It is nice to see the unit bounce back from that poor effort.

· One of the more entertaining drills of the morning was pass rush versus pass protect. Freshman Ikeem Allen was strong during this five minute period. On the other side of the ball Terry Davis was outstanding.

· The team ended the day with some two-minute drills. Freshman Sam Martin made back-to-back nice catches in traffic for 30-35 yards total. I think Miami found a good one with this youngster.

· Tight end Ryan Smith had a marvelous one-handed catch to set up a touchdown for the second offense during a two-minute drill.