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By Dave Meyer (@DaveMeyerMU)

· Team wore uppers today, and is expected to go full pads on Friday morning.

· Biggest news of the day came from four freshmen. Nate Becker, Zach Hovey, Jordan Rigg and Zach Swarts were all moved to offensive line. Becker, Hovey and Rigg began camp as tight ends and Swarts was a defensive end. This now gives the RedHawks 18 offensive lineman, something offensive line coach George Barnett noticed right away. Early in the practice he asked for the third string to take reps and commented “I have not asked for the third string since I got here.”

· I watched the offensive line for a good 20-30 minutes on Thursday morning and all four freshmen, while they clearly had no grasp of the playbook, look very athletic and can really move. Will be interesting to see how quickly all four make the transition.

· I could watch coach Barnett all day long. Barnett is energetic and is constantly harping on technique. He walks them through foot and hand placement every rep.

· Early on in the day the offense was a bit out of sync, and rather than continue the drill the coaching staff decided to start the entire drill over. The biggest plays on offense came from freshman Sam Martin and sophomore Jared Murphy. Martin caught a screen pass that went for 45 yards, but then made a rookie mistake and fumbled the ball near the goalline. Murphy got behind the defense on a post route for a 50-yard touchdown catch from Andrew Hendrix.

· Rocky Boiman, from ESPN was at practice today. He will be in the television booth for our game versus Marshall. He and coach Martin talked for roughly 30 minutes during practice.

· One of my favorites, the 1-on-1 pass blocking/pass rushing drills happened today. Jimmy Rousher and J’Terius Jones were impressive with several different pass rush moves. Freshmen Deion Cineus and Ikeem Allen also had their moments. Allen even added a sack during an 11-on-11 period.

· Marshall Taylor and Randy Anderson had interceptions on the day.