This season the Miami Brotherhood welcomes 13 new faces to the program, including 11 freshmen. With so many new players on the roster, the "In the Crease" semimonthly interview series aims to introduce the newcomers to the fans. The second installment of the series is with freshman Matthew Caito.

Caito, a California native, is currently a staple on Miami's first blue-line pairing with senior captain Steven Spinell. The freshman has compiled two assists in his young career with the RedHawks, including the primary assist on classmate Sean Kuraly's power play goal at Ferris State last weekend. Caito joins sophomore Ben Paulides and junior Bryon Paulazzo as Miami's California trio.

Prior to joining the Brotherhood, Caito played for the Dubuque Fighting Saints in the USHL, where he tallied 29 points in 62 games, including five playoff appearances. Caito was also a finalist for the USHL Scholar-Athlete Award.

Interview by Chris Rydburg, athletic communications assistant

Chris Rydburg: So how's your freshman year going?

Matthew Caito: I love it here. I'm enjoying every minute of it. We have a great group of guys and the upperclassmen treat us well.

CR: This next question comes from a fan. How do you balance your playing career at Miami with the rigors of being a college student at the same time?

MC: It's tough. You got to have time management. You don't have a long window to do homework. You have to get as much done as you can when you have the time to so it's really tough balancing it but I think we do well with it.

CR: Obviously you guys had a pair of split series the last two weekends against tough opponents (Michigan and Ferris State). How are you guys feeling about going into a hostile environment with this young team and coming out with a hard fought draw?

MC: We feel pretty good about it. Both of our Saturday performances were good and if we can keep doing that I think it will help our confidence on the road.

CR: Changing gears on you here, but have you gotten a nickname in the locker room yet? Any pranks against the freshmen yet?

MC: Ah, you know we go back and forth. We all have our little battles. No nickname yet but I am pretty sure it is going to happen.

CR: I see you guys are growing mustaches again. I know that is for a good cause, but can you tell me a little about that?

MC: We are growing mustaches for Movember (an initiative to raise awareness and funds to men's health issues, particularly prostate and testicular cancers). I know some guys are not just growing mustaches but also pledging money for charities. You know, mine isn't growing as much as Alex Gacek or someone like that but I'm trying my best (laugh).

CR: In spirit of the election season, who is the one person in the locker room you think should run for President?

MC: You know, Marc Hagel is a political guy, but you know he's Canadian so I guess he can't run for President. Spinell would be a good one. You can't argue against (Ryan) McKay. So I guess McKay or Spinell would be a good president.

CR: You guys have been on the road for two weekends now, are you guys excited to be home and have the fans behind your back?

MC: We really enjoyed our four home games (this year). We started the year really excited and being on the road has been fun, but there is nothing like being at home for our great fans.

CR: Prior to coming to Miami you played for the Dubuque Fighting Saints.

MC: Yep.

CR: Has anyone told you that's a bit of an oxymoron?

MC: (laugh)

CR: It really is.

MC: Yeah they did, they did. I really enjoyed playing there. I still follow them and they are actually doing great right now.

CR: Alright Matt, thanks for your time. I know you gotta get back to hard work here.

MC: It was fun, thanks very much.

Fans can engage in the series as well by submitting questions for any of the newcomers to Chris Rydburg at He will then work them into his interview with that player in an installment of In the Crease.

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