Game Day Guide

The Miami Field Hockey Complex is one of the finest field hockey facilities in the country.

Located adjacent to Yager Stadium (football), the field underwent extensive renovations back in 2006. During that time it was outfitted with new state-of-the-art turf, lined strictly for field hockey. It features a sport lighting system that allows the RedHawks to play many of their home contests in the evening. The field is equipped with a high-tech watering system comprised of six water cannons capable of emitting 650 gallons per minute and soaking the field in under five minutes.

The field hockey complex has an internal fence that frames the playing field and assists in keeping play moving, while limiting the need to wait for a new ball to be put in play. The press box, with seating for 15, sits between the team benches and includes a video platform on the roof, which will give both teams an excellent vantage point for their scouting videos. The bench areas themselves are enclosed, providing players with protection from the elements when not on the playing surface.

On the opposite side of the field from the press box and bench areas there is seating for approximately 1,000.

The facility was the site of the MAC Tournament in both 2007 and 2012, and will host it once again in 2013.