The Miami University Athletic Family Develops Champions with "Love and Honor."

Family is defined as "two or more people who share goals and values, and have long-term commitments to one another." The Athletic Department prides itself on being a family atmosphere. A true care and concern for our coaches, staff, and student-athletes is exuded daily by one another. Shown by this deep commitment to one another, every person works together toward common goals. From regular department gatherings to teams supporting one another at each other's competitions, staff and student-athletes share the same values and principles as we all strive to become a Culture of Champions.

Develop is defined as "to aid in the growth of; to improve the quality of; to influence the behavior of; and to convert or transform." The underlying purpose of our department is to maximize the human development of our student-athletes and staff members. Our department is concerned that our student-athletes develop in all facets of their lives while at Miami University. From academic prosperity to championship greatness with the student-athletes and staff, our athletic department want to grow, improve, influence, and transform to become a Culture of Champions.

Champions are "those who win first prize; is clearly superior or has attributes of a winner; is a supporter of the greater cause; fights tenaciously for the overall cause." In our department a champion is defined as one who exudes excellence in their approach to everyday life. It is a belief that `part-time excellence' is not acceptable and your absolute best will be expected daily. We truly believe that our student-athletes learn more about life as winners than they do finishing anything less. The personal attributes of our student-athletes and staff members are those of winners, focused on becoming a Culture of Champions.

Love is defined as "infused with a deep feeling or passion; strong commitment, enthusiasm, or drive for anything". What is unique about the word `Love' to Miami Athletics is that it's part of our fight song. Our student-athletes and staff members are passionate about Miami University and the athletic department. Miami is a very prideful place and people who choose to be associated with the University in some manner, quickly find out that fellow Miamians love to speak about what a great place this is. Those associated with our athletic department have a strong passion and commitment to becoming a Culture of Champions. 

Honor is defined as "honesty, fairness, or integrity in ones actions; a source of credit or distinction; garnering high respect or esteem." Similar to the word `Love', the word `Honor' is unique as it combines with `Love' to create the most famous phrase in the fight song. There is no better way to `honor' our great institution than by knowingly doing what's right. We aspire to be champions in everything we do, but not at the sacrifice of our integrity. Miami University is the 8th oldest public institution in this great nation and we need to constantly honor what we stand for. The actions and words of our student-athletes and staff are held in high respect because we know they are honest as we build toward a Culture of Champions.