May 1, 2012

By Bianca Pomponio and Emily Clingan, Sports Marketing Academy Interns


Newly appointed Student Body President John Stefanski received the opportunity to experience a day in the life of senior Andy Cruse, a wide receiver for Miami’s football team.

The purpose of “A Day in the Life of a Student-Athlete” is to have a student leader and student-athlete pair up to see what the other goes through on a daily basis.  On Friday, April 20, Stefanski attended a football practice and watched the team scrimmage, complete drills, and spent time with Cruse to discover the typical day of a student-athlete.

After getting a glimpse into the life of a Miami wide receiver, Stefanski explained his view of Miami’s players.

“We have very talented, dedicated players,” he said, “and they put forth their best efforts at practice as well as during games.” 

Stefanski had a sideline view of a Miami football scrimmage, which allowed for an up-close look at just how hard these student-athletes train.  After seeing this incredible work ethic, Stefanski joked, “The only thing I could think of was the feeling of how out of shape I am.”

After an enjoyable afternoon of observing Miami’s football team, Stefanski and Cruse received the opportunity to discuss the typical day of not only Cruse himself, but also for Stefanski.  Both students’ daily schedules were incredibly busy, but in very different ways.  For Cruse, it’s practices, lifts, and working hard in the classroom; for Stefanski, it’s an astonishing amount of meetings with various Miami leaders such as President Hodge, ASG and University Senate while maintaining good grades in classes.

“A Day in the Life of a Student-Athlete” project is a great opportunity for Miami’s student leaders and student-athletes to experience the typical day of each other’s lives.  The project will continue in the fall and feature various student leaders and different sports.