Miami Hockey Postgame Quotes
Miami vs. Michigan
CCHA Semifinals
Saturday, March 23, 2013
Joe Louis Arena - Detroit, Mich.

Head coach Enrico Blasi

Opening Statement:
“I thought we tried to compete hard tonight. Obviously Michigan has it rolling and took it to us there in the second period, and that was pretty much the game.”

On the second period and what he saw from the bench:
I think Sean already answered that. I think we had some chances and obviously when you’re playing in games like this, when you’re playing in a one-game shot, you can’t get frustrated, you have to stay disciplined, you have to stay composed and poised, and I thought we lost our composure there. We had a couple of miscues from some guys that are veteran guys and all of sudden they’ve got one (goal), they’ve got two, then they’ve got three, so you just can’t do that in a one-game shot. As Sean said, we’ve moved on already. It’s something that we have to learn from. We have a lot of young guys in our locker room that haven’t been in this situation. I’m a big believer in everything happens for a reason, so we’ll learn from it and continue to teach our guys during the week. Now we’ve got a game to get ready for next week.”

On some of the positives from the game heading into NCAA tournament:
You’ve got to be poised; you’ve got to stay composed; you’ve got to be disciplined; you’ve got to play against teams that you haven’t seen, especially in the first round; you’ve got to have referees that you haven’t seen; you’ve got to play with a sense of hunger, but yet still do your job. And that will be the lesson we will continue to preach throughout the week. Our guys will respond. This is a resilient group. Let’s not forget, this a team that won the CCHA regular-season championship, so let’s not feel sorry for ourselves here. I’m still proud of them. I know they can play better, and I know we learned a big lesson tonight, and we’ll move forward.”

Freshman forward Sean Kuraly

On Michigan’s play:
“They played very well tonight. I give them a lot of credit. You know, we’ll just focus on our game on Friday and try to prepare for that. Michigan played great tonight and deserve to be in the game tomorrow.”

On Miami’s play:
“I think right off of the beginning a couple of bounces didn’t go our way, and we’ll learn to react to that a little better. We started out good and things didn’t go our way to start, but we’ll learn from and it be better next time.”

Senior forward Curtis McKenzie

On what was going on during the game:
“I guess it was going pretty good there to start. We had our chances in the beginning of the game there. All of a sudden they got one and then they got four behind us, and then they could kind of tie it up there. (Then we got) frustrated and we didn’t play the way we’ve been playing.”

On Miami’s ability to shrug the loss off going into the NCAA tournament:
“I think we’ve done a good job with that this year. We’ve had games where we’ve been let down, or didn’t play the way we wanted to, but we responded well, so I think as long as we learn from this game, then I think we’ll be ready to go for tournament time.”