Miami University

Coach John Cooper:

"The effort was good enough, the execution wasn't. When you don't make free throws, it's hard to win. I think they had around 12 layups in the second half, 10 they scored and two they got fouled on. But we're just not there on shot selection. They (WMU) stayed within themselves for the most part."

"I've seen some things happen that I just never see happen.  As they saw, what can go wrong will go wrong. Some of our turnovers were just baffling, just not making the right play."

"Effort has to be the constant. If you don't have effort, you'll never get better. Our effort was good tonight."

Will Felder:

"We told ourselves in practice that we've got to start bringing it. The last couple of game we lost because of a lack of effort. The effort was there tonight but, in the end, we still didn't get it. There were some plays down the stretch that we should have executed on defense."

"I felt like we rebounded the ball well tonight. That goes back to the effort. Rebounding kept us in the game."

Geovonie McKnight:

"They really didn't play out of character. They stuck to what they do real well. We tried to create pressure and make them turn the ball over, but they stayed in control."

(On his first-ever start) "I just try to play the same, whether I'm starting or coming off the bench. It doesn't really matter to me."

Western Michigan University

Coach Steve Hawkins:

"I thought it was a very hard-fought game. Miami played well. They really gave tremendous effort. To be honest, I think they out-played us. They killed us on the glass and that kept them in the game. We just made enough plays at a critical time in order to pull out the game. For us, it was kind of like a pitcher not having his good stuff, but that had a lot to do with Miami. Miami kept us on our heels all night. When we didn't turn it over, we were able to score. We had just enough stops and rebounds, and we finally hit a couple of free throws to put the game away."