Miami Quotes
Reggie Johnson
On his 20-point night:  "We talked about moving the ball and sharing the ball as a team. We just hit the open man and I just happened to be on the end of a lot of those open passes."

On feeling like a freshman: "I still feel like a freshman. I can say that we had a game Friday, and I was overwhelmed with the atmosphere at North Carolina State. Tonight it was fun playing in the home opener, so I'm just having fun taking everything in."

Quinten Rollins
On the team's school-record 22 turnovers: "We are going to rely on our defense the whole season. We have to be a scrappy team."

On his single-game, record-tying seven steals: "I think I had six one game my freshman year vs. Bowling Green. I was mad I didn't get (the record) then. I knew I was going to get another opportunity, it just happened to be tonight. I'm honored."

On Johnson playing like a veteran: "He can't feel like a freshman, though. We need him to play like an upperclassmen."

Head Coach John Cooper
On forcing 32 turnovers: "I was proud of their effort. Loose balls and all those kinds of things, hustle plays, we did a pretty good job."

"You hope through the course of the game your depth takes over and also eventually you are able to tire out the opposing team."

On Reggie Johnson: "He's playing well. Old school is what we call him. He plays with supreme confidence. He's never sped up, and you get him in the games and he's able to get into spots and areas. He's not the most athletic kid, but he makes the right decisions."

"I want our guys to be successful, so that they will have the opportunity to play in an environment and understand what it's like when people are in this arena and to play for championships, because it's a special time (when that happens). It's a process to get there, but I want them to play and put out the kind of effort to where our fans understand and say, 'Hey, we need to go watch them because of the way they play and the effort that they put out there.' They deserve that, and it will happen."

Grambling State Quotes
Head Coach Joseph Price
"Tonight was very, very difficult for us. I thought our kids fought hard for three fourths of the game, but we were very, very careless with the ball. Miami had such a tremendous press, talent, speed and quickness and we don't have a lot of backcourt help, so we were trying to overcome that."

"One of our biggest problems is once we have a good flow going, we can't keep it going. But that comes with maturation and experience."

"We have Terry Rose who is a scorer. We are very thankful and appreciative that he's not just playing as a freshman, but he's playing like a senior. I'm hoping he can continue that."