Baseball season has officially begun and it is time for fans to get to know Miami’s players a little better. Miami University’s team consists of ten freshmen, ten sophomores, eight juniors, and seven seniors. Today we will get to know freshmen Ryan Marske and Chad Sedio, sophomores Ryan Powers and Nate Williams, juniors Marcus Makuch and Johnny Crummy, along with seniors Alex Johnson and Kevin Bower.

When asked what his favorite game day meal was, majority of the players answered with some sort of pasta or sub, but Crummy prefers Martin Dining Hall’s grilled tilapia. Sedio also answered differently, choosing sesame chicken with fried rice. Warm up music is another important game day aspect. Makuch, Crummy, and Marske like to only listen to country, while Johnson named artists like Citizen Cope and Drake, and Sedio chooses old school hip hop. 

In regards to pregame superstitions or rituals, Williams mentioned he has a superstition of not stepping on the foul lines on a game day.  Both Powers and Makuch mentioned they pray before at some point on game day. Powers noted that he will “say the Serenity Prayer before everything after the National Anthem”.  

Williams said his favorite memory with the team so far this season has been, “just being together with my teammates, spending quality time together”. Powers agreed and stated his favorite memory so far has been “playing my favorite game with my best friends everyday”.  So far Bower’s favorite memory was the team’s comeback win versus Xavier on April 13, 2010 (the RedHawks scored eight runs in the bottom of the ninth to win 12-11). When asked what Marske was looking forward to the most about his four years at Miami, he stated, “Playing ball with Clay Cinnamon”.

Advice that Senior Johnson has for his team this season is to “work hard, play hard, have fun, and win a ring”. Bower’s advice was short, sweet, and to the point, “live it up”.