Feb. 1, 2012

Periodically on their trip in Austria, freshmen skaters Alexis Monti and Jennifer Stewart provided updates on the team and gave a behind-the-scenes look at the weekend event for MURedHawks.com. Here is their final thoughts on the trip to Austria:

We have finally arrived back in Oxford after an exhausting day of travelling and we come home feeling very proud. This whole experience of competing internationally has been one that each of our team members will cherish forever. After our long program Sunday evening we left the ice knowing that we gave it our all. Although the scores of our two programs did not reach as high as we had hoped, we were still pleased in skating two clean performances.

After we skated, we were able to watch the senior level event and were inspired by their grace and expertise. The entire competition concluded with an awards ceremony where the junior and senior divisions took the ice together.

Standing next to girls just like us from 12 different countries from all over the world was so special because we all shared this love for synchronized skating. This was so unique because our huge world all of a sudden seemed so much closer as we were all united by our passion for the sport.

Love and Honor!
Lexi Monti & Jennifer Stewart