Establish an Endowment
The creation of an endowment gives alumni and friends the chance to help shape Miami University Athletics now and in the future. The principal of the gift - which can be given either with a one-time gift or gifts made over a period of years - is invested and grows over time. The endowment then provides an annual distribution that is used for the designated purpose. Establishing an endowment is a great way to make a lasting impact on Miami University Athletics.

The minimum financial commitment needed to establish an endowment at Miami University is $25,000. However, current and retired faculty/staff can create named endowments at $10,000. While endowments do exist for a variety of programs and capital projects, they are more frequently used in athletics for scholarships and each year the annual distribution from the endowment is awarded to a current student- athlete.

Contribute to an Established Endowment
While establishing an endowment requires a minimum financial contribution, Miami University Athletics, thanks to the generous support of others, already has a variety of established endowments that donors can add to or invest in at any time that do not require any minimum gift level.

If you are interested in establishing an endowment or contributing to an established endowment, please contact us at (513) 529-8097.