Miami Head Coach John Cooper

General thoughts on the game

"I'm certainly pleased with our team and pleased with their effort more importantly. We made some shots tonight and of course we made our free throws, so that always makes the game easier."

On Bill Edwards' injury

"He will have an MRI Monday morning at 8 a.m. and at that point, probably not at 8 a.m., but later in the day, I will have an idea of exactly what is going on. He's in a brace and on crutches right now, so obviously we hope for the best. He doesn't have a lot of swelling. He's a big-boned guy so there's not a lot of swelling."

On being happy about the season so far

"Every home game brings confidence and you start to understand how important they are and how you have to protect home court. You can't win championships without learning that."


Freshman Guard Reggie Johnson

On having a great shooting night, scoring a team-high 21 points

"It kind of came as I went along. They went into that zone, so there were a lot of gaps and I was able to get a few early open looks that kind of got me going. I just came out and stayed aggressive and my teammates found me."


Junior Forward Jon Harris

On getting off to a good start

"We wanted to come out here, play hard, and play with a lot of energy. It was a noon game. It was the earliest game we've had all year, so we had to wake ourselves up."

On the team's early pressure

"We got a lot of steals and easy layups and the lead kept building and building, and then from there we were able to cruise our way to the victory."

On finding their groove five games into the season with a new coach and style of play

"One game at a time. The next game is on the road. The last two games we had great effort from our guys, everyone just keeping our head and staying focused for what we want for the long run."

On finishing games better this year

"I feel like we've done a better job of finishing this year. We still have to take care of the ball at the end and make some more free throws, but much better this year than last year."



James Madison Head Coach Matt Brady

General thoughts on the game

"Give Miami all the credit in the world. I think they played with superior energy and toughness. For the third road game in as many attempts, we've dug ourselves a big hole and we are not near good enough to climb out of the holes that we've got ourselves into, so we've got a lot to learn."

On facing Miami's press

"It's the first time we've seen a press and we play a lot of freshmen. So we turned it over a few more times than we are used to."