Frequently Asked Questions


Does Miami University offer a scholarship for members of the Cheerleading Squad?

  • No, there are no scholarships offered to cheerleaders, however, members of the Miami Cheer Team have the opportunity to receive countless pieces of Miami spirit wear, all-expenses paid for cheer camp instruction and game travel, access to athlete-only Gross Center, two tickets to every football and basketball home game.


How many times a week does the Miami Cheerleading Team practice?

  • Practices are scheduled for every Monday and Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. as well as Sunday tumbling from 7-8 p.m. Two mandatory workouts are scheduled for every Tuesday and Thursday evening for an hour each.

Am I allowed to rush a sorority or fraternity and still cheer?

  • Going Greek is a big part of Miami's student life and is supported and encouraged by the cheerleading team. However, cheerleading is your first priority and missing practices/games/events for Greek activities is not permitted or tolerated, unless otherwise specifically approved by the coach.

What skills should I focus on to be a part of the Miami Cheerleading team in the future?

  • Stunting skills and techniques are of great importance to our program, so stunting experience is absolutely vital before tryouts. Basic stunts (hands, extension, liberty, heel stretches, and arabesques) should be mastered as more elite stunts (scorpion, scales, twist-downs, etc.) are encouraged. However, clean stunts are the best stunts, so good technique is stressed above all else.
  • Tumbling skills should be focused on standing back tucks (red squad) and tumbling sequences that involve back tucks, layouts, fulls, etc.
  • Basic cheering skills (connecting with the crowd, good presence, sharp motions) are essential and are a HUGE part of our program!

Which team members will cheer for home and away football games as well as for men's basketball games?

  • Twelve members will be picked for Travel according to a point system established by the Coach & Captain, based on that member’s practice performance, attitude, willingness to learn, as well as previous game performances.
  • Those members able to perform a solid standing tuck, as well as ability to contribute to pyramids/stunts will be permitted to cheer Home Football games.
  • Cheerleaders for Men’s Basketball will consist of all male members, as well as the top eight female co-ed members. Top members will be chosen based on stunting and tumbling ability, as well as game performance, and crowd-leading ability.

Any further questions can be directed to Emily Lakamp at .