Postgame Quotes


John Cooper

Overall thoughts on the game: The game in many ways was a tail of two halves. I thought in the first half, with the exception of our free throw shooting, we did a pretty good job, especially on the glass. We had some people step up and we did a good job of defending them.

On Akron's comeback in the second half: Akron has had a couple games where they struggled out of the gate, but they've come back and they've always been able to settle down. That's what I cautioned our team about at halftime, because they are going to bring a pop to the second half.

On Miami's turnovers in the second half: In the second half, more than anything, our turnovers absolutely hurt us. We had too many empty possessions and when you have 18 turnovers, that's just unheard of at home.

On Miami's play in the frontcourt: I thought Drew (McGhee) did a very good job defensively on Zeke (Marshall). The same with Vince Legarza when he was in. He only played four minutes, but I could go back and look at the tape and their competitive nature dealing with him and just continuing to fight, positioning, getting their bodies on him was great.

Drew McGhee

Overall thoughts on the game: We came out hard. We wanted to beat these guys bad. With all the preparation and knowing that they're undefeated in the MAC and have the longest win streak in the country, we just wanted to end that for them. We had a great first half and gave it away in the second.

Will Felder

On how the team felt after the loss: We walk away from this game like every other game, thinking about the next game. We can't dwell on the past.


Keith Dambrot

On Miami surprising Akron in the first half: I think they caught us a little off guard with their tempo-control. They're not really a tempo-control team. They are more of an up-and-down running team. They made us guard through the clock.

On Akron's performance: We don't splinter and we have good guts. We've been in a lot of close games this year. We've been down most of the year when you look at it in the league. We have to play better than that, but you have to take your hat off to them. They played really good.

Demetrius Treadwell

On trailing early and then coming back in the second half: We just have to be prepared to play 40 minutes every night. We can't pick and choose when we play. We have to stop doing that. We are going to get ourselves in trouble one of these games.