Note: During the new winter term (January 2-24), RedHawk sophomore golfers Bailey Truesdell, Daniel Schwarz and Jack Sparling are taking advantage of Miami’s extensive study-abroad program by taking three weeks of class in Argentina. During their time there, Truesdell has agreed to provide a blog of their experiences, with potential guest appearances from Schwarz and Sparling. Here is his first entry.

Greetings from Buenos Aires!

It has been a fast moving few days, but we are now starting classes and getting into more of a routine. When we got here it was quite a culture shock for some, especially those who don't speak much Spanish. The biggest difference for many of us is the time that Argentine people operate on. Dinner is not usually until at least 9:30-10:00, and every afternoon, everyone takes a siesta (late afternoon nap). 

After arriving in Argentina we met our hosts, a family that lives in an apartment one block off of the Main Street in Buenos Aires, Avenue 9 de Julio. They are so kind to have us and luckily for my roommates Jack Sparling, Daniel Schwarz and I, they speak good English. All three generations of the family live in their home, which is typical in South America. Children usually don't move out until they are at least 25 years old. This is a bit different than America when children are itching to get out of the house.

Yesterday we took a trip about an hour and a half to the North where we went to a ranch for the day. They had a pool, wonderful food, many animals and other family activities. These are popular day trips for many families in Argentina.

When you come to Argentina you better enjoy meat. After having three major meals in Buenos Aires it is unbelievable how much meat they eat. Typically lunch or dinner consists of salads and seafood followed by three or four courses of meat such as steak, chorizo and pork. It is an unbelievable amount of food for one meal.  

It has also been quite hot. In the afternoon it gets up to about 90 degrees and the sun is very powerful. We have yet to see a cloud in the sky. It has been a fabulous few days in the South American summer, and our whole group cannot wait to see what Argentina has in store for us next. 

Thanks for reading,